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cheapest rolex

What’s the cheapest Rolex?

When it comes to luxury, prestige and timeless class, one brand that inevitably springs to mind is Rolex. Synonymous with superior quality and exceptional finish, Rolex watches are more than just a fashion accessory; they are a status symbol and an object of admiration. Contrary to what many investors think, you don’t need to invest …

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which rolex to invest in

Which Rolex to invest in ?

Investing in a Rolex is often seen as a reliable investment with a high chance of appreciating over time, like Swiss brands such as Audemars Piguet, Omega or Patek Philippe. However, after an exceptional price surge in 2021, the watch market has slowed and prices have corrected sharply. In a complicated economic context, it is …

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crollo immobiliare

What is a housing market crash?

A housing market crash is a sudden and sharp fall in the value of properties on the market. Property owners try to sell their properties at any price, while buyers stop coming forward.In a tense economic climate, can we expect a property crash in 2024? In this article: How does a housing market crash unfold? …

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invest watches

How to invest in watches ?

Investing in watches in 2024 may be the best investment you can make to protect yourself from inflation. However, before you invest in luxury watches, you should be aware of all the elements that go into estimating the value of a watch. In this article: Why invest in a watch What type of watch to …

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