Manage your income and expenses on a daily basis: save with simple rules and tricks, segment your money outflows. Saving money is one of the main concerns of people but few of them use the right methods to control their monthly income.

how to manage money as couple

How to manage money as a couple ?

Managing money in a relationship can become a source of conflict if it is not treated seriously. Here are 5 simple steps to successfully manage money in your relationship: Discuss your financial goals and habits Open a joint account Agree on a division of expenses Agree on joint expenses Use methods to help you manage …

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how to make money as a student

How to make money as a student?

Making money while you’re a student is essential to succeeding at school while having a successful social life. Here are 10 ideas for jobs you can do while studying : Baby-sitting Become a delivery boy Work in a supermarket Distribute advertisements Start a blog Become a web editor Become a community manager Start a dropshipping …

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how to save 10k

How to save 10k in 1 year?

Saving 10k in 1 year requires preparation and a lot of motivation. Here’s how to do it: Prepare yourself mentally Set yourself achievable goals List and analyse your expenses Use financial tips to save more Earn money on top of your salary Bonus: the money saving chart Saving 10K requires preparation Saving 10K requires preparation! …

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