How to make money at 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 and 17?

how to make money at x years old

In a world of economic uncertainty, learning to earn money from an early age is essential. As well as increasing pocket money available, it helps develop financial skills, responsibility and an understanding of the value of money. Here are a few ideas to help 10 to 17 year-olds start earning money legally and securely.


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How to make money at 10 years old ?

Making money at the age of 10 isn‘t the easiest thing to do. You’re still very young, and despite your best intentions, many people (including your parents) will refuse to let someone of that age work.

That’s why, at the age of 10, it’s best to turn to those around you! Children can start earning money by doing odd jobs for neighbors or family. They can, for example, water plants, collect mail during the vacations, vacuum cars or help tidy up.

How to earn pocket money at age 10?

To make easy money at 10 years old, you need to find simple and rather quick tasks to do that will still relieve the person to whom you’re providing the service and who would rather not have to do it.

Look at the daily lives of those around you and take note of the simple tasks they don’t like to do or that they systematically put off!

How to make money at 11 years old ?

At this age, one job you can do to earn pocket money is looking after pets:

  • Dog walking
  • Pet-sitting during owners’ vacations
  • Feeding the animal while the owner is away

This type of work can help you develop a sense of responsibility. Start by offering your services to your neighbors or a nearby house.

Looking after animals combines business with pleasure: you’ll earn a bit of pocket money and spend some quality time with the animal(s). Let’s face it, there’s nothing more unpleasant than looking after a domestic companion and playing games with it to earn a few extra dollars!

Last but not least, pet-sitting offers rather attractive remuneration packages, with owners willing to pay a good price to ensure that their companion is in good hands.

Don’t forget that you need your parents’ permission to engage in this type of activity.

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How to make money at 12 years old ?

At the age of 12, you’re also beginning to master the technical side of things, and in an ultra-connected world (and one that’s only going to get more so) you’re probably more at ease with the Internet, computers and social networks than the adults around you.

If you have skills in managing or understanding the internet, websites or social networks, don‘t hesitate to offer your services to adults who may not understand how to make full use of these tools.

How can I make money at age 12 without Internet?

At the age of 12, children begin to reveal their creative potential, and this is the ideal age to try making money without using the Internet. An interesting idea would be to try selling handicrafts.

 If you’re good at DIY, you can create and sell jewelry, drawings, paintings… or any other handmade object.

How to make money at 13 years old ?

Earning money at 13 is a much simpler task: at this age you’re fully a teenager, both physically and psychologically, and adults assign tasks much more easily.

 This adult trust will enable a teenager to start offering babysitting
services to parents.

As well as making money, it can help develop skills like patience and time management.

How to make money on the Internet at age 13?

On the Internet, you can make money at the age of 13 by offering to build websites for local businesses (if you have the necessary knowledge) or manage their social networks.

You can also take part in paid online surveys: in exchange for information about your consumer habits, a company will give you a sum of money.

How to make money at 14 years old ?

Earning money at 14 is possible! And it’s a lot easier than for your younger siblings: you can start working up to 35 hours a week.

You can work in fast-food restaurants or supermarkets if you live in the city.
 If you live in the provinces or the countryside, the agricultural sector often offers young people the chance to work during school vacations or at weekends

How to make money fast at 14?

If you want to make some quick cash, focus on the classic odd jobs you can do quickly: pet walking, babysitting...

You can also try earning money on the Internet. The Internet and social networks can be a great way to find online customers for your services:

  • Online courses
  • House cleaning
  • Babysitting

All these ways of earning extra pocket money are fairly simple to set up.

How to make money at 15 years old ?

To earn money at 15, teenagers have several options. In addition to finding a part-time job, they may decide to find an income through the Internet, or during the vacations.

How to make money at 15 during holidays

A 15-year-old could start tutoring. If you’re good at a particular subject, you can help other students revise and understand their lessons.

It’s usually at this age that the gap can widen in terms of your ability to understand the concepts being taught. If you have the ability, don’t hesitate to offer your help to other students for a fee.

How to make money at 15 on the internet

At the age of 15, you no longer have to worry about restrictions when it comes to using social networks and the Internet. Here are several avenues you can explore thanks to the Internet:

  • Create a YouTube channel and publish videos
  • Creating a blog and writing articles
  • Selling photographs
  • … Etc.

The Internet is an infinite source of monetization ideas, so don’t forget to get your legal guardians’ (parents’) approval if you ever have any doubts about the legality of what you’re doing at your age.

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How to make money at 16 years old ?

At the age of 16, the pace of schooling can intensify depending on your curriculum and your ability to keep up.

To make sure you don’t overload your school and learning time with work, the easiest thing to do is to work during the summer so you can relax for the rest of the year.

Summer jobs are a dime a dozen! At the age of 16, you can earn pocket money during the vacations by working as a waiter, delivery boy, or even a dishwasher in a restaurant.

Working in a restaurant is not a bad idea: the sector is constantly recruiting during the summer months to meet the high demand from the tourist industry.

How to make money at 17 years old ?

Earning money at 17 isn’t complicated at all. At that age, you’re pretty much eligible for any paid job that will earn you extra dollars.

17 is also the ideal age to consider paid internships. The benefits are twofold: you earn easy money while learning and enriching your experience with a view to a future career.

Earning money at 17 during the vacations

When you’re 17, you can try for the BAFA, which will enable you to become a monitor and work in summer camps. If you’re a good teacher and enjoy working with children, it’s a great way to earn some extra pocket money.

Last but not least, babysitting for your neighbors is an easy way to earn a few dozen extra dollars each week.

How to make money on the Internet at 17

In addition to what we’ve already mentioned about creating websites or managing social networks for businesses, you can easily make money with the Internet by selling objects, products and/or clothing you no longer use on online platforms like Leboncoin, Amazon or Vinted.

Earning money at a young age can be a very rewarding experience, and not just in terms of income! Working as early as possible helps and trains young people to develop important skills, take on responsibility and understand the value of money. Ask the people and companies around you, and you’re bound to find a way to earn money at your age.

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