How to become rich without working?

Becoming rich without working is an idea that many people dream of. But is it really possible? Are there ways to earn a good living without having to work hard? The answer is not so simple. Although there are different ways to become rich without working every day as a salaried employee, it will always require a minimum of effort, thought and investment on your part.

Being rich without working: some basic principles

Before understanding how to become rich without working, you must first understand how the two values of our capitalist economies work: capital and work.

Without going too far into economic thinking, you just need to understand that in our societies wealth creation is always achieved by one of these two factors (or both at the same time).

The value of labour is the best known of all. A person can exchange his or her time to do a job that will be valued at a certain amount of money.

The value of work is the value most used by the majority of people, especially employees.

The other value is capital value. Capital value is money as such: you invest a certain amount of money that will work for you to generate income. A professional investor uses capital value: he invests his money in companies or investments and expects to see a return on his investment afterwards.

Capital value is the value most used by the wealthiest people, instead of labour value.

What are the differences?

Labour value guarantees you a return, albeit small, but assured. On the other hand, it does not allow for scaling, because as a human you cannot trade more than one hour of your time at a time.

Capital value is riskier: your investment may not yield any return, but leverage is possible and the associated gains can become exponential.

If you understand this, you understand everything! And now you know why the richest people are investors who use their available capital to invest in various investments.

An excellent book and a reference on the subject : Rich Father Poor Father by Robert Kiyosaki, the book explains the financial mentality adopted by all rich people and gives you all the essential advice to become a millionaire.

Investing your money

What can you invest your money in to get rich and not have to work? Here’s an overview of all the investments available for your savings.

Real estate

This is the first investment that comes to mind for the average person: with available savings one would tend to put one’s money into property.

Real estate is a very good idea, it allows you to get monthly rents without having to make the slightest effort, except that of finding your tenant and buying/selling your next property.

If for a long time real estate was reserved for a category of people with a sufficient capital contribution, there are now several solutions offering to invest in stone from a few dollars !

This is the case of RealT, a company that democratises real estate investment via blockchain and the tokenisation of real estate. For as little as 50 dollars, you can become an investor and recover a portion of the rent corresponding to your investment.

Stock exchange

It’s a slightly more complex way to invest your money for a beginner, but the stock market can be a real way to get rich without working over the long term. By putting your money into economically healthy companies in a buoyant market then your return on investment will be very attractive.

The most popular stock market indices such as the S&P 500 provide an average of 10% return per year.

If you invest €1,000 per month for 20 years in the S&P 500, the leading stock market index in the USA, you will have €75,457 of which €50,457 will be interest!

The interest of the stock market, beyond the valuation of your company shares, is to get passive income thanks to the dividends from the shares, without having to work.

If you still doubt the usefulness of the stock market to reach your goal of becoming a millionaire, take a look at the wealthiest people in the world: Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Jeff Bezos… All of these multi-billionaires have increased their wealth tenfold by having a large part of their portfolio in stock market shares.

To become a seasoned investor we can only recommend reading The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham, the most eminent person when it comes to financial markets!


Even more complex than the stock market: investing in crypto-currencies. This market is still very young, very risky and has technical specificities that reserve it for a category of people who have the time and the desire to be interested in it to really grasp all its aspects.

The strength of crypto is precisely this youth: a huge number of projects are still at the embryonic stage with prospects of enormous developments and upheavals in our world, which is why the valuations of some crypto-currencies are becoming insane.

By betting on the right crypto, however, you could have the chance to be rich without having to work for the rest of your life.

Be rich without doing anything: spend less!

Before you can invest your money, you have to be able to invest it.

What does it mean to be able to invest? It simply means having capital available.

To have available capital, you have two possible levers:

  • Increase your income
  • Decrease your expenses

Both methods work, but increasing your income requires much more time and work on your part than simply managing to spend less.

Think about it: in your current lifestyle, there is bound to be a whole series of non-essential expenses that you make primarily to please yourself at the time and that you probably regret later.

It is these expenses that you must succeed in eliminating if you want to become rich. The objective is to repatriate this money to savings and then, ultimately, to investment.

If reducing these outgoings seems impossible, there are several techniques to help you plan and organise your budget, including the 50-30-20 rule.

Another way to manage your money effectively is to use a kakebo.

A kakebo is a small Japanese diary that allows you to record all your expenses from day to day so that you can identify unnecessary outgoings and eliminate them. It’s incredibly effective.

Another tip if you are an uncontrollable spender: use a cash-back solution!

If you want to spend as much as you earn, don’t you? That’s what iGraal offers, a solution that allows you to accumulate cashback winnings in your kitty from €20 via bank transfer, Paypal or gift card.

Buying and selling goods

Becoming rich without working can also be achieved by buying and reselling goods.

This practice even has a profession: goods dealer.

The objective is simple: you have to buy goods at a given price in order to resell them later at a higher price and make a capital gain.

If this practice seems to be reserved for experts or people with a large amount of start-up capital, think again! You can start simply by selling items you no longer use to build up your first capital.

Once you have managed to raise a substantial amount of money you can go ahead and buy your first item!

Here are some ideas of goods that you can turn to for your first buy and sell operation:

  • High-end clothing
    Vintage car
    Designer furniture

The idea is to find goods that do not depreciate in value over time.

This is why we specify “high-end clothing” and “classic car”, a classic car for example rarely increases in value, you have to turn to the collector’s market with enthusiasts who are ready to pay more.

To find these famous objects, don’t look too far, the internet will allow you to get in touch with all possible markets: Vinted, Amazon… There is bound to be a marketplace that will satisfy your search.

Read this article if you’re looking for a high-paying job that no one wants to do.

Renting out your goods

How can I become rich without working when I have nothing to sell?

It is possible that you have nothing to sell, but you must have objects and goods that you do not use on a daily basis, or even very rarely.

These goods can be rented out! In addition to giving a second life to these unused items, you will earn extra income from them.

If you have a lot of objects and goods to rent out, you could well earn money and even become rich without working.

What goods could you rent out? Here are some ideas:

  • Means of transport: car, motorbike, scooter
  • Housing: house, flat
  • Tools and garden equipment: lawnmower, chainsaw
  • Multimedia and technological equipment: speakers, sound system

A multitude of internet sites functioning as market places put in contact people who have goods to rent and people who are looking for equipment on a one-off basis.

The easiest way to do this is to rent out your home. There is bound to be one or more weekends a month when you are not at home, and this is the ideal opportunity to list your property on a website like Airbnb.

If you live in a high demand area, you will have no problem renting out your flat or house.

Ultimately, getting into the rental business just requires a bit of organisation and rigour, which is a small price to pay when you see the ideal opportunity to generate passive income.

Getting rich with affiliate marketing or influencer marketing


If you are more familiar with using the internet and social networks, then affiliate marketing can be a great way for you to get rich without really working.

What is affiliate marketing?

The idea of affiliate marketing is to promote products and services other than the ones you sell. In reality, you are promoting for a third party company, all with the aim of generating new income.

For example, the blog you are reading practices affiliate marketing! All the books, products and services you can view on this site are linked to an affiliate contract with the end seller. If you make a purchase, via one of the links on this site, then the site will receive a commission for making a sale.

With this blog, the idea is to put forward content related to the world of savings and investment but a whole bunch of specialised (or not) blogs exist on the internet.

You have probably already come across blogs related to cars, fitness, connected objects… All these blogs aim, in fine, to refer you to goods and services related to their preferred niche.

In addition to blogging, you can choose another channel, such as social networks. In all cases, the idea is the same: build a niche community interested in your content and offer them relevant goods and services.

In 2023, affiliate marketing is a real online business and an important source of income. If you decide to dedicate yourself fully to it, you can really become rich thanks to this activity.

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With influencers there are similar elements. Concretely, an influencer can live solely from affiliation, which is often the method used at their beginning, before becoming a major influencer.

Once the audience and community are larger, the influencer is no longer obliged to offer affiliate services and can directly charge the advertiser per exposure.

It’s exactly the same model as a major TV or radio station would offer: the audience becomes so large that you inevitably reach an interested community, with additional sales and revenue as a result.

Becoming rich without working by caring for animals

If you are an animal lover then this is the best method for you to get rich without a degree or special skills.

It is actually a job, but a dog lover will not consider it as a job, on the contrary.

Pet-sitting is well known across the Atlantic and is becoming more and more widespread in Europe, especially in France.

While some people are willing to walk other people’s dogs for free just to spend time with them, it is becoming more and more common to pay someone to look after your pet for several hours or days.

While this may sound fanciful, there are many success stories: in the USA, Ryan Stewart, an American who has been walking dogs since he was 20 years old, decided to make it his full-time job.

Today, at the age of 40, Ryan earns 60 dollars an hour walking several dogs at the same time. He now earns just over $120,000 a year from this activity alone, all while working 36 hours a week.

Even if $120,000 a year doesn’t really make you rich, you have to admit that earning that kind of money just for walking dogs 36 hours a week is pretty dreamy.

If you are interested in this activity, there are plenty of platforms on the internet to find this type of work and start earning extra income.

As you will have understood, to become rich, a minimum of work will be necessary, at least at the beginning, in order to establish the basis of your financial freedom. You can therefore decide to start building a business that generates passive income (affiliate marketing, stock market…), decide to turn to activities of passion such as pet sitting, or decide to review your spending habits and reduce them! Try several to find the one that suits you best and you’ll have the answer to the question of how to get rich without working.

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